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Why Choose Tentspark?


Founded in 2013, we have over 30 years of combined project experiences in web & mobile applications with over 20 successful projects rolled out! We have clients from Fortune 500 to local SMEs in beautiful island of Penang working with us on repeat projects, we align their business goals with technology.


We care more than your business. Beyond dollar & cents, we had helped companies reduced industry fatalities & accidents, detect and predict pests in warehouse, decreased the time for them to get products out from factory to retail.


We have helped new generations of business leaders to transformed their startups or their family business by finding blue ocean strategies. We have clients who transformed from B2C to B2B business and triple grew their numbers! We have helped clients moved to new market out of the Asia region.


We believe in helping people regardless the size. There is no project too small or too big, just as we worked with government linked companies, we work passionately with startups & NGOs as well. Whatever you size, we have a solution just for you! 


We believe in how the power of technology can improves our life. You will find our founders giving back to tech communities in tech event either as a speaker or as a proctor. In time to come we hope to contribute more to open source communities.

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