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IT Solutions
for Your Industry

High tech

From taking on mobile app development to crafting marketing automation strategy, we have help high tech companies to focus on their core technologies while we helped them to improve their bottom line in sales.  

Financial Services

The Tentspark team have years of experience working with banks, insurance companies and stock brokers to automate their business process and streamline their operation so they can better service their customers. 


Healthcare professional talk to us on using technology to better understand their patients and propose the right treatment and services to them. Most professionals would want to discovery the best value they can offer to their patients using CRM technologies. 


We use power of cloud to connect the backend manufacturing to procurement to sales & marketing so that everyone is on the same page to help the company to optimise their operation and help sales win deals with more confidence. 


We helped agriculture companies to improve their logistic and quality control via technologies such as cloud, mobile and IOT. Better insights of their supply chain means better profit margin as well as faster time to market for their distributors and consumers.

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