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Marketing automation

Marketing automation is the ability of software to operationalise your communications and help efficiently manage repetitive tasks. Marketing departments use automation software to more efficiently manage repetitive tasks including emails, SMS messages, social media, online advertisements, and more.


For B2C marketers, automation means more chances to get in front of the right consumers for higher conversion rates and increased revenue. 


Reduce abandoned deals

By using automatically triggered emails to those who left unpurchased items in their cart or business who dropped off from a deal, marketers can retarget those audience easily to discover new opportunities. 


Improve Up-sells

You email communications can now include dynamic content that includes a section that showcases “others also bought” or “similar customers looked at.” It can be automated and are tailored to individual consumer buying preferences or previous browsing history, which is a powerful personalisation component.


Automate Your Loyalty Programs

Automated solutions can register customer loyalty information and send real-time, customised deals and incentives through multiple channels, regardless if a shopper is in a brick-and-mortar store, on a website, or even perusing social media. Loyalty programs can also help reduce customer churn, create advocates, and grow a true culture of retention.


All in all a properly tailors Marketing Automation program can helps your sales & marketing to identify more hot leads and have higher confidences of winning them over.

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