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Salesforce Live Asia 2020

Salesforce Live Asia was concluded yesterday with a huge success. This is the first time Salesforce is doing a full virtual conference in Asia after Trailhead DX event in US. The next big online conference will be DreamForce 2020 which also will be conducted online.

Attending a virtual conference means I don't have to block my time for travel and also rush to different rooms if two sessions I am interested are scheduled back to back.

Why attend a tech conference in Asia? Well one of the exciting agenda of Salesforce Live has always been about customers success stories and this year there is no shortage of them. You can check out the recordings here and see whether your industry is mentioned/ represented.

Some of the best success stories will be:

  1. Grab (e-hailing O2O business)

  2. Bluebird Indonesia (Passenger transportation)

  3. BINUS University Indonesia (Education)

  4. Prudential Singapore (Financial Services)

  5. Union Bank Philippines (Financial Services)

  6. Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Vietnam (Manufacturing)

  7. M1 Singapore (Telco)

This event is very exciting as they are very good success stories you can look into and also speak to us on how to replicate the same strategy they employed into your organisation.

There are just so many products on the Salesforce platform being used by customers from different industries and sizes.

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